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Racquel Lopez (Founder/Editor/Blogger)
(Former Staff Writer for and Contributor for Bleacher Report)

I am a sports fanatic who was approached by to come on board as a staff writer. I have written several articles for different sources, but never saw myself as a sports blogger. After receiving an offer to write for another sports site, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Hence, Rock The Bolt came to be.

I am a displaced Chargers’ fan living in the Black Hole in the midst of the Red Sea. I love my Chargers and will remain a faithful fan. I have two boys and being born and raised in the Bay Area, they are Niner Faithfuls. My children are my world.

I believe in having passion and fire for everything you love. Once you lose those, you’ve lost interest and you might as well be dead. I am very passionate about my Chargers, football and writing – what a way to combine them all!

Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values. ~Dalai Lama

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John Liwanag (Staff Writer)

I am extremely proud and honored to be a part of the Rock The Bolt family. I have to thank Racquel for allowing me to have an avenue for sharing my thoughts on the most important team in the sports world, the San Diego Chargers. I was raised in San Diego but left to move to San Francisco in 2001. I married a die-hard Giants fan who also now roots for our beloved Chargers. When it was time to move to San Francisco, I brought my Tomlinson jersey with me and endured the heckling from my Bay Area friends. I still vividly remember 1994 when we knocked down that pass in the end zone against the Steelers to head into the Super Bowl. Was rocking my 55 jersey while I watched our only Super Bowl trip. I can’t wait to see our team back there again, perhaps at Lucas Oil Stadium?

It’s going to be a lot of fun to be a part of Rock The Bolt. I already run a blog/community site for a certain type of car modifications called VIP Cars. I constantly tweet about the four things in my life that are always on my mind; my son Keoni, Chargers football, cars and Star Wars. I enjoy collecting Chargers players autographs, both past and present, as well as collecting various Star Wars memorabilia.

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Geoffrey Hancock (Staff Writer)

I am a 30 year old attorney who is currently residing in Riverside, CA, a place I am slowly turning into San Diego North. I lived in Oceanside as a kid, then moved to Tucson where I just kept on rooting for San Diego teams. Occasionally you will see my University of Arizona pride shine through (Go Cason!). Came back to San Diego for law school. Despite my yo-yo San Diego existence, my fandom has never wavered. Have been a Padres and Chargers fan since I was cognitively aware of both.

I sported lightning bolt earrings as a 14 year old during the 1994 Super Bowl. So I know both dedication and humiliation.

I remember vividly the Mark Seay touchdown against Miami in the 1993 playoffs, the 4th and goal stand vs Pittsburgh and Darren Sproles sprinting to an overtime win over Indianapolis in the 2008 playoffs.

A huge thanks to Rock The Bolt for allowing the outlet to talk Chargers, whether it be in celebration or commiseration. My wife thanks you as well (I think she’s over hearing me talk about it).

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David Medina (Staff Writer/Web Designer)

Web/Multimedia Designer. Sports fan/Football fan. Favorite teams: San Diego Chargers, San Diego Padres. Music fan. Technology/gadgets. Video Games. Movies/Shows.

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Ron Rogers (Staff Writer)

Hello Bolt Nation! My name is Ron Rogers and I am the newest member of the Rock The Bolt writing staff. Many of you probably know me as CoachRRRjr on Twitter. I have been in love with the San Diego Chargers since I was in 3rd grade, some 36 years ago! Like all of you, I’ve been there through the highs and lows, the good times and the bad. Also like you, I live for one thing… to see our Chargers hoisting the Lombardi trophy! On a more personal side, I am a middle school Physical Education teacher and coach sports including baseball, basketball, volleyball and track. In my playing days, I excelled in football and track. I attended Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois. I am a father of two fine young men and husband to the most beautiful woman in the world. I welcome your comments and feedback. Bolt fans must stick together, support one another and share our thoughts in order to create an even stronger fan base. I look forward to discussing all things Chargers with all of you! GO BOLTS!!

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Marcel Forster (Staff Writer)

Born, raised, and still living in Europe. The Netherlands to be precise. On the continent where that other kind of football dominates, it can be difficult if you prefer (American) Football. I just think it’s the greatest sport on earth. I became a Chargers fan around 2006, not exactly sure anymore how or why. After my first trip to San Diego in 2008 to see the Bolts live at the Q, I was totally sold! Love the city too!

I realize I’m a relatively new Chargers fan, but I like to think I make up for that with great enthusiasm. I’ve been sharing some thoughts on my personal Tumblr and was as much surprised as honored to be invited by Racquel to join RockTheBolt. Being able to write about my favorite NFL team – I like to put things into perspective and provide my own – on a Bolts specific fan blog, is awesome!”

Common sense is not so common -Voltaire

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Avery Dees, Jr. (VLogger)

Some call me Avery but Charger fans call me Tank! To all my Charger freaks out there who watch my videos and know who I represent, you know I’m a laid back guy trying to finish up college here at CSU Chico and also have a great time supporting my team the San Diego Super Chargers.

I love to edit videos and I’m also an up and coming concept/3d modeling/animation guy! So if any of you guys love animation and love the Chargers you may just be a clone of me! I’m here to entertain you and make your day a little bit cooler! So I have a question…ArE YoU a ChArGeR FrEaK?

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Chloe Jager (Editor)

“I am not quite the fanatic that my former colleague Racquel is, but I am a sports fan. My Mom and I watched or listened to all the Niner games until she passed in 2000, at which time I stopped watching football for a while because it was just too painful. I’m slowly making my way back, though, catching games here and there, and starting to learn the players’ names. While the Niners will always be my #1 team, I have a place in my heart for the days when Stan Humphries played for the Chargers. He may not have had the best stats, but I always wanted him to win. (Except against the Niners, of course!)

These days I’m much more into baseball, getting to as many Giants games as I can each season, and catching the games on KNBR now that I no longer have cable. (Truly, the Giants games are the only thing I miss about not having cable, and I’m not willing to pay $70/month just to watch them on TV.) Even one of my two cats is Black and Orange! (Okay, I didn’t adopt her for that reason, it’s purely coincidental, but I had to throw it in there.) I’ve written a two page Ode to the San Francisco Giants, a framed copy of which I personally handed to Bill Neukom in early September, 2011. I don’t know if he’s read it, but I have hope!”

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